Art director

Stevie graduated with a bachelor degree of communication from the university of Calgary. He will transform your vision in a stunning visual video masterpiece. He got hook in the film and media industry at an early age by making short films when he was in high school. Over the years, he has shot documentaries, commercials, music videos, interviews with the best in the industry. Furthermore, he will create a custom project that will give a feeling of authenticity. Name it and it will be delivered.

Let’s create magic!



Visual director

Monalisa is an artist out of western Canada, she is in it fully invested in her missionary work. Her image, charisma and character has a lot to do with who she is. Her art is honest, she express through music, music is her ART, even in conversation she's honest and artistic.  She is an R&B singer/songwriter, and visual director. She gives the straight truth about life, pain, passion, love, triumph, and everything in between with collected calm and confidence. She is the truth. It’s that type of honesty that makes her music/art resonate with the depth of classic blues. Her biggest inspiration is Ms. Lauren Hill but she shadows the career of Beyoncé.

Let’s create magic!




Joel graduated from SAIT’s Television program. From his first communication tech class in high school he’s been making content ever since. Having done several short videos, a couple of documentaries he’s settled into pursuing the art of photography. He spends his time researching and learning the best way to create the image you want. Photography has become his main passion and he pours that passion into each shot he takes.

Let’s create magic!